Who We Are

Illawarra Salt Therapy is based in Fairy Meadow. We are easy to access with free parking at the door and free parking in the rear. 

Salt therapy has been experienced overseas for hundreds of years but is still relatively new to Australia.

Clinical studies have proven that dry saline diffused air reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract, and absorbing oedemas from the mucasal lining, and opening up the airways helping you to breathe better and unclogging the blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles therefore restoring, and allowing normal transport of the mucous, and eliminatation of the residual tar and foreign allergans that are in our lungs. 

Dry salt aerosol works like a bronchial brush for your airways 

Even if you have no health issues, then why not just come in and relax and enjoy the benefits of salth therapy for your general well being. 

It takes just 40 minutes in our room and it will be like spending time in a retrat, just come in and relax, unwind and leave all your stress and worries behind. 

No matter what your health needs you will feel the difference after visiting Illawarra Salt Therapy. 

With our salt therapy you wont know what you're
missing out on, unless you try it for yourself.